If you think that making money while traveling is like one big utopia, one amazing big
dream so hard to be true actually you are so wrong. Today, thanks to brand new tools
mostly generated by the web, it is so easy to find exciting ways to make money while
traveling. You can do this is so many different ways such as writing a blog, going for some
sponsored vacation or even deepening your knowledge and relationship with the places
you are going to explore.
First thing first, if you work from remote (for example if you are a graphic designer, if you
run your own business or you are a writer or things like that) you can easily bring your job
with you all over the world and, if you are passionate about writing personal diaries or
reports you could make things so much easier and most exciting than ever! Think about
taking pictures and tell about your traveling adventures writing everything on a blog and
making money for it. How amazing does this sound? Then, especially if you are going in
this direction and your presence online has a sort of resonance with a great number of
followers and great traffic on your blog or website, you may have the chance to get some
special discount to get to amazing places just to promote the location and sponsor it on
your social media. This is what influencers usually do but it’s not that hard to have some
kind of special offer or even some free gifts from one of the several commercial realities
needing for some visibility. If you want to keep things traditional and you are not interested
in this influencer-like approach you can easily switch it by making money while traveling in
an old-fashioned way: while working on the field. Yes, you can teach your mother tongue
or you can look for some cultural exchange like an au pair job where you get paid to live
with a family in order to babysit newborns and children of all ages. Something like these
options would be amazing to fully immerse in the culture and the society of your travel
destination making some money but without stop exploring the world. Yes, because,
nothing stops you from change your location once or use this experiences as a starting
point to get to know new countries, new cities, and new people. You will learn that the
most important thing, no matter what you want to do for living while traveling is to live, is to
actually experience your presence there. It really doesn’t matter if you decide to blog post
about it, to work for some local or to try something like teaching or babysitting abroad: full-
immersing is a must as you will be able to go off the most common touristic paths and
moods and you will catch glimpses of the local real life, the one made up of history,
culture, local habits and so much more.